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Shorewood Elementary School
2725 SW 116th Street Burien, WA 98146

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Distance Learning

Welcome to Fall 2020!

We are so excited to welcome students back to school for distance learning. We have learned from family and student feedback and our experience last spring. Please see the "Distance Learning" page for lots of information about types of instruction and FAQ's.  There is even a link to Hybrid Learning when we are able to transition.  The information below outlines important details of distance learning.

Daily Schedules

We know families have many questions about what their child's daily schedule will look like. Daily schedules will vary even by grade and at this time, your child's teacher is the best resource for a daily schedule - which includes synchronous (live) and asynchronous learning, breaks for lunch, library, music, PE and more! Please email your child's teacher-

Contact Information

Please make sure we have your current email and phone number in the office as important updates will be sent out from Shorewood and Highline Schools as often as daily. It is vital that you stay current with all of the updates about distance learning. Thank you for your partnership! 

Zoom Meetings

Students will use Zoom at least five times a day to interact with their teacher and classmates.  As such, below are important guidelines to consider so that these learning experiences can be successful for all students:

  • Students are asked to attend all scheduled Zoom conferences when possible by laptop or phone when wifi is unavailable.  
  • If attendance is not possible, students will access zoom videos and/or ask for assistance in order to complete assigned learning. Attendance will be taken at the end of the day and will include logging on to Seesaw or Google Classroom in addition to calling in or logging on to Zoom sessions.
  • When possible, turn your video on. If a student or family is uncomfortable or unable to have video on they will let their teacher know.  No discipline will result when a student does not have their video turned on.   
  • Students may use a neutral, non-distracting virtual background if they wish or school-approved virtual background. 
  • Students should identify a location where they can engage, and be fully clothed during class.  Clothing must be appropriate, but uniforms are not required.
  • Students will regularly check their school emails (once or twice a day) for messages from teachers and administrators and to communicate with their teachers.
  • Students will use the private chat feature to let their teacher know if they need a restroom or other needed break.
  • Students should adhere to classroom norms established by teaching staff.