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Supporting Students’ Social-Emotional Needs

Supporting Students’ Social-Emotional Needs

As we navigate the ever-changing and challenging circumstances created by coronavirus, we rely on our social and emotional learning strategies and skills to support ourselves and each other.

It is important that we continue to build and share these skills and tools as we move ahead together with our family members, students and communities.


Here are resources for discussing coronavirus with students and helpful RULER lessons for families. 

Elementary students

This comic for kids from NPR is a developmentally accessible way of discussing coronavirus with younger students.

Secondary students

This brief from Popular Science provides an overview of “Thirteen science questions about COVID-19 from teens.”


Families can use these emotional intelligence skills and tools with their students to support them in these difficult times and give them a chance to practice Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing, and Regulating (RULER) their emotions.

Almost two-thirds of our Highline schools are now using RULER, an approach to developing skills for emotional intelligence. All of our pre-K and elementary schools have been trained in RULER, along with a growing number of middle and high schools.

Here are Family Connections RULER lessons for K-5 along with a lesson in Spanish: